*Googles “exercise apps for lazy people”*

*Downloads five apps*

That should do it for today.

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Fun game: Take pictures with your camera sound turned up when someone comes into the bathroom stall next to yours.


When walking off an elevator, I like to turn around & say, “this is the part in our adventure where I must leave you now.”


Just saw my wife’s tampon string hanging out while she slept. Not sure, but I bet if I lit her fuse she’d explode bigger than any firework.



me: two marijuanas please

employee: this is the mcdonald’s drive thru

me: two McMarijuanas please


girls love us tall guys but as soon as we use our height to “constantly slam dunk on them and their loved ones” they stop replying to texts


I feel bad for all these athletes training for the Olympics in 2016 since we’re all gonna die in 2012


BREAKING: Popeye Expresses Outrage as Pope Goes to Mount Olive


DATE: oh u have an eyelash on ur cheek [picks it up] make a wish
ME (under my breath): i wish u wouldn’t touch my property


Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriends should band together to create a compilation album entitled “Maybe it’s not us, it’s you…”