Got drunk last night and ended up at the worst escape room ever: no theme only metal bars and if you jiggled the door you got tazed!

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My Grandpa: killed 17 Nazis and singlehandedly saved his entire battalion in WWII
Me: Sits around all day making up stories about my Grandpa


MENTOR: I am now sponsored by Cheetos, but it shan’t affect my wise counsel
ME: How can I become-
MENTOR: Dangerously cheesy? Glad you asked


“I’m Sorry”
“My Bad”

Mean The Same Thing.

Unless You’re At A Funeral.


This man recorded his son every day for a decade. The footage is breathtaking and takes 10 years to watch.


My go-to office prank is to sneak onto someone’s unattended Facebook page and post “I’m undecided, which should I get, iPhone or Android?”


A CW told me for the 50th time that her baby learned how to walk so I told her”if you really wanna impress me lmk when it learns how to fly”


When you’re bad at swearing but you’re trying to threaten someone:


“Did my dad make it, doctor?”

Billy, your dad’s in a better place now.

[crying] “HE’S DEAD?”

Haha no, he went to Disney World.


Her: ‘We should have another kid.’

Me: *puts on Teletubbies marathon*
‘Say that again in 6 hours.’