Great ad placement for a funeral director.

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My wife’s leaving me for refusing to stop referring to our children as my Capri Son and Capri Daughter.


[Working in a hospital]
ME: Well, this guy’s autopsy is done
NURSE: You mean tonsillectomy
ME: Uh oh


*looks up*
*looks down*
*looks up*
*looks down*
*turns blueprints over*



A boy asks his mom, “Why am I black and you’re white?” She says, “Don’t even go there. The way that party went, you’re lucky you don’t bark”


I told my 8 year old son, “There’s something so special about you. Since you’re my last baby, you will always be mommy’s baby to me.”

To which he replied, “God I hope so. Aren’t you pushing 50?”


[Dog yoga class]
Teacher: Alright, let’s go into downward human pose
[Dogs hunch over and start pretending to text]


When in doubt, ask yourself WWBD: What Would Beyoncé Do? Would she apply for a job? Nope. She’d just show up one day like “I work here now.”


Cute stranger: *smiles at me*
Me: *already imagining who will get custody of the dog*