Having pets adds 5 years to your life. Have thousands of pets, never stop owning pets. Become immortal. Laugh as your foes grow old and die

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The past, the present & the future walk into a bar.

It was tense.


Day One, living in one of those tiny houses: “Well, isn’t this quaint?”

Day Two: Murder


White smoke from under my hood means either my starter went out or my car has elected a new Pope.


The saddest thing about the digital age is the next generation won’t have that “nudie mag they found in the woods” experience. #culture


Understanding women isn’t rocket science.

Rocket science has rules and boundaries.


When one door closes, another one opens which is also one of the first signs you probably have a poltergeist.


I didn’t realize how many of the songs on my iPod are about sex and drugs until I hit “shuffle” in a car with a 12-year-old in it.


WIFE: I’m leaving you

CARL (my personal sound effects guy): *makes sad trombone sound*

ME: Is it because of-

WIFE: yes it’s because of Carl


i’m very suspicious about solar panels. they sit outside sunbathing and they. make energy? yet when i do that i just become a big red freckle? something odd is going on here and it makes me uncomfortable


I feel bad for spiders. I tripon my two feet all the time. Can only imagine the hell a clumsy spider goes through.