Historians: so we’re gonna name this war the 80 years war

Me: so that means it lasted 80 years right

Historians: you FOOL. you utter buffoon. You ignorant being

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4: mom can I sing just a short song?

me: yes

4: ok its only just three hours long I promise

narrator: it was in fact, only just three hours long


Kids today are so spoiled with their yummy gummy vitamins. It’s nothing like when I was a kid and we had to chew on orange-flavored chalk.


10 year old: What was it like?

Me: What was what like?

10: Being alive in the 1900’s?

Me: Go to your room.


me: do you have a blowup mattress?

host: it’s explosive but it hasn’t blown up yet.

me: hahaha

host: hahaha

me: (nervous sweating)


Lord please give me patience, because if you give me strength I may just beat someone to death.


Jurassic Park is my favorite movie about how humans get on everybody’s nerves.


I think illegal drugs are just the government trying to teach the metric system on the sly.


Friend 1:
I swam with the dolphins in Mexico.

Friend 2:
I swam with a sea lion in Jamaica.

I swam with a fat guy in Reno.


*beats arachnophobia*

*trips over child dressed as Spider-Man*

*fears spiders again*