I always get self conscious buying toilet paper like some high schooler is gonna take a picture of me and post it online with the caption “lmao this dude poops”

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Ron on Facebook says he hopes to be stuck on a dessert island, so naturally I commented “that sounds delicious”.


[watching This Is Us]

*leaning over to partner*
Me: That is them.


Your honor, if you watch the tape in reverse you can clearly see the officer planting the evidence in my vehicle.


[during sex]

HER: can you turn off the light

ME: I thought you liked my mining helmet


[buying college textbooks]
That’ll be 100 million dollars

[returning college textbooks]
We can give you half off on this pencil case


I put my pants on like everyone else: with difficulty, blaming the dryer for shrinking them.


I googled “how freaking long can it possibly take to play 18 holes of golf?” if you wanted to know how much trouble my husband is in tonight.


Beep beep
Beep beep beep
Beep beep
Beep beep beep beep
Road Runner and R2D2 having a conversation