I call my nephews “Dude” and “Homie” because I’m the cool Aunt! (I don’t know their names.)

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Prom Date: [coming down stairs in dress] How do I look?

Me, super woke cool guy: You look empowered & worthy of equal salary compensation


I just saw a woman with a “Dog Mom” bumper sticker. And while the kid in the back seat wasn’t great looking, I still thought it was kinda harsh.


If Russia prepares for war the way it prepares for the Olympics then we have nothing to worry about.


ME: Can we call a timeout?

SURGEON: What no


When you meow it is in a really bad accent it is the cat equivalent of the Borat voice just fyi that is how your cat perceives you


PUTIN: If your American lover is in this room I’ll kill him

ELENA: He’s not!

PUTIN: (softly) u…s…

[bursting from closet] A! USA! USA!


I turn my phone off overnight. A 3am text either means bad news or drunk people, and both make more sense in the morning.