I have decided to leave my past behind me, so if I owe you money… I’m sorry, but I’ve moved on, and maybe it’s time that you do too.

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My kids said they wanted to try something new this summer so I showed them how to vacuum & do laundry.


I can’t get enough of these Labor Day Sales, you guys! I bought 25 mattresses!


My charger only works if my phone is on a 45 degree angle, resting on a tiny pillow with Pat Benatar playing quietly in the background.


Canada’s method on making sure people stay home seems to be working.


*3yo’s birthday*

Me: happy birthday, can you blow the candles out?

3yo: ok *blows hard*

Me: great job

3yo: great blow job


3yo: ?

Me: …. just eat the cake


Wife: Where’s your dad?

Son: He’s sunbathing in Nepal.

Wife: He’s what?

Son: Himalayan out.


*puts kid in tub*

*checks twitter*

*forgets about kid*


*remembers kid*

*finds kid-shaped prune floating in tub*


Best way to get a girl to come home with you is to tell her you own 3 lava lamps seriously what girl wouldn’t want to see 3 lava lamps


If I consider you a friend, I’ll be there for you. With an ear, a shoulder, a drill, a shovel, an alibi – whatever you need to feel better.