“I see your bet and raise you all my hair since 6th grade. Oh and this pen.”
“Sir that’s not-
“You got a problem with pens?”

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God *creates a worm* hello little buddy!

Worm: Thanks for the “worm” welcome haha

God *creates birds*


If I haven’t said something mildly offensive today I’m sorry and I promise to try harder


*Drops son at preschool*
Son: I love you daddy
*tears up*
*3pm picks son up*
S: love you Ms H, love you stuffed toy
Me: oh I see how it is


HUSBAND: You’re going to work early? I’m impressed.

ME: All the jelly doughnuts are gone by 9:00am.


Am I getting older or is the supermarket starting to play some great songs?


It’s so annoying when you’re trying to poison someone but they’re just not thirsty 🙁


“Sir you can’t bring a whole cake into a movie theater”
“What if I cut it in half?”


Me: I’ve applied for Canadian citizenship

Him: You’ll be sorry

Me: I sure hope so


I propose we rename our seasons:

• Blizzard
• Flood
• Oven
• Kinda Nice For A Bit


[at divorce lawyer]
bad news, currently all your husbands assets are frozen
“he didn’t”
he bought 1547 copies of it, he must really hate you