I told my doctor I broke my leg in two places. He said I should prolly not go to those places anymore.

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it’s may 17. what’s next? may 18? i didn’t sign up for this


Told a woman who was shopping with a newborn that I had teenagers. I was waiting for her to say I looked too young to have teenagers.

She didn’t.


This is a little film called, “Trying to Describe Myself to My Lyft Driver So He Can Find Me”


Her: I’ll bring the wine, you bring the sandwiches. Any kind.


Her: Umm, why is the picnic basket dripping?

My: Oh no, my ice cream sandwiches!


If I were a kidnapper, I’d drive around telling adults there’s naps in the van.


I’m not the life of the party I am the weird basement noises of the party


Cool prank:
Dig up 200 earthworms. I will tell you about the rest of the prank later


hello. i am the “friend” everyone has been asking questions for online. it has been a very rough three years but im starting to feel better. thanks for all your advice.


Ugh, Amazon Prime takes two whole days for delivery. I wish there was a way I could buy things and get them immediately.


I swear if I see one more person enter this WalMart wearing pajamas I am going to take the belt off my bathrobe and choke them with it