I was at the beach and the lifeguard blew his whistle at me. Dude, I’m 40. I’m not listening to a teenager in a bathing suit.

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Me, taking applications for the Illuminati: oh, I never said I’d send the forms anywhere


6yo: Your hair looks pretty every day.
Me: Well, thanks.
6yo: Can I have some chips?


“Better out than in,” my dad always used to say.

Lovely man.

Terrible heart surgeon.


<- I’ve been drinking for almost 6 hours. If you see something wash up on shore that looks like this, please identify me.



Me: tell me about yourself

Her: I’m really vegan

Me: oh no

Her: and I have a kid

Me: oh no

Her: his name is Kale

Me: ohhh noo


I knew I’d pissed off Mother Nature when she sent a hurricane to wash my car and then left it on my roof.


[bar on St. Patrick’s Day]

him: SLANTY *clink*

me: I think you mean sláinte

him: no, slanty is how I stand after I drink Irish whiskey


It’s been scientifically proven that women who worry are smart.
I must be a freaking genius.


In honour ouf Canada Day, I’m incourpourating unnecessary ‘u’s intou my wourds.