I was just trying on the floral romper for fun but then the sales associate asked if my daughter was my sister and now I’m out $140.

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Smelled my finger after I took the bandaid off of it.

Don’t do that.


She had silky hair and legs that went on for days. I was in bed with a horse.


I have a confession…

I don’t like Oreos.

And it feels so great getting that off my chest!

*blocked by all of Twitter*


Cashier: Panic buyers bought up all the fresh fruit and veg?

Me, looks at my usual shopping: Huh? Oh yes, panic buyers. *shakes fist*


Neighbor: Help I have a plumbing emergency!
Me: *grabs tools*
Neighbor is naked and wet
Me: um what kind of plumbing are we talking about?


God: you’re an amphibian.

Frog: what does that mean?

God: it means you can breathe on land and in the water.

Frog: omg you mean I’m a mermaid?

God: no that’s not what I-

Frog: [whispers] I’m the littlest mermaid.



Him: Hey babe, what’re you wearing?

Me: *naked pooping* ummm…nothing

Him: That’s hot


People say “life’s a journey, not a destination,” because the destination is death. The journey sucks too. Anyway, to the bride and groom!


If you’ve ever watched a butcher wrap pork chops, you’ve seen me wrapping Christmas presents.


WRITER: A drifter & a rich lady fall in love
WALT DISNEY: Can they be dogs?
WR: A woman steals a couple’s baby
WD: Can the baby be 101 dogs?