I will let someone cut the line I’m waiting in, but only if they let me braid their hair from behind.

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My husband has texted me 12 times from the grocery store with questions. He’s only made it to aisle 4. Pray for me.


If you’re forcing me to choose between you and my dream of making a sequel to the 1982 horror classic then you’ve got another Thing coming.


Inside of you are two wolves: one that understands data privacy is important, and one that will hand over literally any piece of personal data if it means getting food delivered to your house with little to no human interaction


[My date and I both speak at the same time]
Me: Haha sorry! You go first

Date: I was just gonna say I love this wine, and the food is delicious. What were you gonna say?

Me: Should male sheep be called heep?


bank robber: everyone against the wall. this is a hostage situation

me, a person extremely susceptible to stockholm syndrome: [tries to hold robber’s hand] hey


Just watched The Hobbit: The Battle to Stay Awake for What Felt Like Five Hours.


Alright, alright. You can all have jet packs!

[two days later]

Reporter: Another 8000 dead today due to sky rage.


Dr: How can I help you?
Me: Can you make me look like this?
Dr: Ma’am, that’s a picture of Hello Kitty.


Netflix: Are you still watching?
Me: Yes.
Netflix: How long has it been since you showered?