If a ship travels 24 knots per hour and the trip is five hours then how was there not enough room for Jack on that door??

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if you’re literally asking me to choose between our relationship and my career as a reporter well then I’ve got some news for you


Looks like someone’s been slipping steroids into Garfield’s lasagna again.


I picked up three XL pizzas and the woman there gave me two napkins like I was going to eat them in my car, and I think I just met my soulmate.


*Victorian letters to Santa*

My dearest Santa,

I trust this letter finds you well. We have had an exciting season with 7 family members succumbing to consumption.

*8 more pages of socially-accepted bigotry against every other nationality & poor people*

I would like an orange.


*hits bong*

*abuses bong*

*bong calls bong protection agency*

*bong custody taken*

*bong put in foster home*

*bong misses old life*


throwin a party tonight

goths $5
furries $5

raccoons $10 since y’all wanna be both


Hope there is a particularly fiery spot in hell for anyone capable of losing a dog in an enclosed dog park.


Daughter: How was your day, Daddy?
Me: Pretty busy, lots of meetings and deadlines.


I passed a sofa on the expressway on my way to work….. I’ve never wanted to pull over so bad in my entire life


Him: I wonder if this dealership is open.

Me: Are you stupid? The parking lot is full.