If I had a time machine, I’d go back & mess with myself.

I’d delete and retweet frog my tweets monkey with random words giraffe inserted.

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A hot mess? No, thanks. Sounds sticky and uncomfortable. I prefer my messes like I prefer my revenge: cold and served to someone else.


Most people like a little something to remember you by.

Skidmarks going out of the driveway isn’t one of those things.


*Open up, police!!*



You never see a church with free wifi. I guess because no church wants to compete with an invisible power that actually works.


Dr: He has a lot of blockage

“So my Dad has a bad heart?”

Dr: He also donates to charity

“So he has a good heart?”

Dr: Ya, it evens out


It sucks when I congratulate a woman on her pregnancy only to have him quickly correct me


If I ever get kidnapped, my plan is to just talk non-stop about Lost until they see that I’m very annoying, and they return me to safety.


god I wish I was the person I believed I could be when I bought all this produce


HER: deeper
ME: I can’t do it captain, the thrusters are already at full power
HER: get off me


“She must be shy” is probably what I say to myself the most when a woman abruptly moves across the country after talking to me.