If you stand in front of a mirror & repeat your top tweet 3X, your pretwitter self appears, smacks you & throws your phone in the toilet.

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HER: You ran over my cat

ME: I’m so sorry

HER: You’re gonna have to replace him

ME [imagines myself napping all day and pushing things off shelves] ok


This started out as a simple cucumber account.
But drunk and horney ladies, gave cucumbers a bad reputation.


*chad kroeger walks through metal detector at airport*
TSA agent: I’ve never seen this low of a reading


A local man died after a shelf full of routers fell on him.

It was an unexpected LAN slide.


Him: the risk of getting caught, having sex in a public place is HOT!

Her: ok….. you pick the place

Him: Over there in those dense trees where we won’t get caught



*breaks glass*

*a glazed honey ham pops out*

“Nice nice”


no one explains why witches fly on brooms. like they could’ve gone with any household object but they chose stick. i for one would’ve gone with chair. imagine cackling across a yellow moon in a lazy boy. feet up, black cat on your lap, no splinters. just a chill time.