I’m dressing up as a public radio station for Halloween so my parents will support me again.

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God: *creates sunset*

Angel: That’s beautiful. What purpose does it solve?

God: *creating Instagram* You’ll see.


Me, in my *best* Sean Connery voice: Would you like that shaken or stirred?

My friend, horrified: Maddie, please just give me my baby back.


Sure, you can clean your house while the kids are home. You could also shovel your driveway with a spoon during a blizzard. When it comes to wasting time, the possibilities are endless.


If breaking a mirror brings 7 years of bad luck, does breaking a lightbulb bring 7 years of bad ideas?


[couples therapy]
ME: She thinks I make bad decisions
WIFE: He traded our car for a skateboard
THERAPIST: *writing notes* This guy rules


[at a boat store]

Salesperson: Can i help you?

Me: (acting like I know what I’m doing) yes, I’d like to see your models that float please.


I was really pissed at my boyfriend for not calling me all day.

Then I remembered he’s imaginary.

So I’m good.


Falling in love is just like falling down a well, except one is dank, dark and scary, and can really hurt you, and the other is a well.


Jeff Bezos this morning:

“Alexa, end my marriage”


I was on a date and my credit card got declined. Her credit card got declined too. Then I knew I was in love.