Inside the heads of four JCrew models.

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Editor: What’s the first question every good reporter asks?

Reporter: Why did I major in journalism?


My 11yo just told me the assignment is “mandatoryish” so he doesn’t actually NEED to do it.


ME: *smashes bottle into a ship*

MAN: Oh cool, what are you naming it?

ME: I’m not *smashes another bottle* I just hate ships


Redheaded guys know they can just dye their hair, right? They don’t have to live like that.


Them: they’re changing Spiderman’s footwear for the next film.

Me: Oh great, another reboot!


Do the the fatty acids get picked on by the other acids?


I miss the old days when street gangs asserted their dominance through aggressive hair combing.


Move over, pizza rat. 🍕 A Philadelphia woman found a groundhog outside of her home munching on a piece of pizza for over an hour, completely unfazed by her two dogs.