It’s okay if you didn’t notice that I switched my beard trimmer’s setting from 6 to 5. The difference is stubble.

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Imagine “are you ready for some football?” sung to the tune of “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?” Yes I’m trying to ruin this for everyone.


In “Hit Me Baby (one more time)” when Britney Spears said “my loneliness, it’s killing me”, she was actually predicting the 2020 social distancing period. In this essay I will


If I win the Powerball, I’m going to make golf illegal.


“Treat yourself,” they say.

“No, wait—not like that—”

But it is too late. I have baked myself into an eclair


It should be illegal for your kids to change their favorite color without giving you a 30 day notice


Me texting friend: Hey! What’s up?
Buddy: *sends picture of ceiling*
Me: I am so glad I didn’t ask “how’s it hanging”


Nothing says you’re failing as an Asian like your waiter discreetly handing you training chopsticks.


Friend : Going to therapy saved my marriage.

Me: I’m so sorry.


How many points do I get if I hit a Pokemon player with my car?


Men’s jeans: We have 1000 sizes. What is your waist? What is your height? Where are your hips?

Women’s jeans: We have two sizes, Chickpea and Sycamore