Just havin’ brunch on my balcony, shootin’ down drones. They’re gettin’ crafty with these drones. The last one looked a lot like a bird. They all did actually. Squawkin’ and whatnot, feathers flyin’ everywhere. Nice try, drones.

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I’ve never seen a chameleon. Good job, chameleons.


Monkey: What is this amazing fruit
Other Monkey: they’re bananas
Monkey: I know I like them too but what are they called


the killers: it’s called mr. brightside. verse 1 is about being cheated on

producer: geez does it get resolved in the 2nd verse?

the killers: no, we literally just sing all of that again. won’t change a word

producer: sounds bad

the killers: its the greatest song ever written


Murderer 1: well this is awkward

Murderer 2: omg Dave haha what are the chances!

Murderer 1: how’s Carol?

Murderer 2: you know, same old same ol-



Apple just announced a 20-year plan to develop technology that actually allows grid-like manual organization of Home screen app icons.


I told my aunt I love cooking with my Instapot, and judging by these edible recipes she just sent me she may have misunderstood.


the year is 2046: leggings & cargo shorts have become sentient, the world is very different but we’re all pretty comfy


My Uber driver just told me that he’s been doing a lot of pick ups/drop offs at ER’s and Urgent Care, so, goodbye.


You can’t buy an umbrella. You can only inherit or steal one.