Just when I thought I had my life together. I found my missing shoe in the microwave.

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Dance like nobody’s watching. Sing like nobody’s listening. Walk around the party eating the cheeseball like an apple.




What do you want for dinner?

4: A bucket..

*Googles better school districts


[ Anything I buy from now until Christmas, I consider it a gift… ]

Kids! Close your eyes and hold out your hands!

“Toilet paper?!”


Memorial Day was always my grandpa’s favorite holiday because he was a WW2 vet and also loved to buy mattresses.


ME: I’m always afraid the optometrist is actually showing me 2 identical lenses and then afterwards the whole office makes fun of me for thinking one was better or worse.

THERAPIST: Yeah I don’t know what to do with that.


ME: You wanna redeem your anniversary present?
WIFE: The “One Free Naughty Massage” coupon?
ME: Yup. *winks*
WIFE: Sorry, I re-gifted it.
ME: You what? To who?
WIFE: I forgot someone’s birthday, and I panicked.
WIFE: You may get a weird call from my mom.