Kicked out of laser-tag for too many melee attacks.

Kicked out of laser-tag for too many melee attacks.

- @david8hughes

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“Hey look, a corn maze!”

– me, drunk, about to get lost in a corn maze


Let the bodies hit the floor? Ok but first let me put down some plastic this is new carpet I don’t want to ruin it my mom will be pissed


This Petraeus scandal is getting real confusing. I hope I didn’t sleep with him.


“just get thru the 1st day without them finding out youre an elephant”
IT dude: “ok here’s your new mouse”
[just fkn destroys the place]


More like “science UN-fair”

*I walk away in slo-mo. The building explodes with baking soda lava*

*I roll a smoke with my 2nd place ribbon


My father always told me “You can accomplish anything you set your mind to.” I must have set my mind to calories.


As soon as they heard the flush, my phone interview took a drastic turn.


“For I am Christ the Redeemer, He Who Saves!”- Jesus, using his coupons.


A bathroom scale that when you stand on it just says “Your body is but a point in space; your life, a differential of time.”