Let he who is without sin, get the hell away from me.

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What psycho decided it was a good idea for kids to hunt for chocolate easter eggs right when the spring thaw reveals all the dog poop?


A celebrity died? Better take this opportunity to tell everyone a very personal story about that one time you saw them eating falafel.


[Cowardly Lion starts texting his ex]
WIZARD OF OZ: Ok wow, I gave you WAY too much courage.


[first date]

HER: What are you doing with the Tupperware?

ME: [filling container] The sign says ‘All You Can Eat’, it doesn’t specify when


PENSIVE MAN: the most terrifying enemy we face is the fear within


A cop was outside my house talking to some people and my first thought was “yesss” because I’m nosey.


WIFE: Hey why are all our potatoes dressed in tiny outfits and arranged in a little scene?

ME: [hiding Photato Album] Why? Do you like it?


Pro-tip: The best way to keep people away from you in public is to carry a clipboard. People fear the living shit out of clipboards.


The door to door bible people just skipped my house! See, all it takes is trying to kiss the guy and he wont be back (until 3am)


Daughter: what does biography mean?

Me: it’s when you tell a story about someone.

[later at movie night]

Wife: let’s watch Cars.

Daughter: [whispers] autobiography.