Life tip: If you’re curious if you’ve gotten fat, have a kid draw your picture.

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Baby monitors are pointless because most babies simply stop doing illegal shit as soon as they realize you’ve got their room bugged.


When villainy didn’t pay anymore, The Riddler got a job writing furniture assembly instructions for IKEA.


ME: we have a problem, they’re out of hot dogs

HER: that’s ok, i’m vegan

ME: ok we have two problems


Hearing aid salesman: You’ll be able to hear everything people say.
Me: Hard pass.


You haven’t built just a wall around you; you’ve constructed a bomb shelter inside a nuclear bunker set into the side of a mountain.



*buys goldfish
*calls it ‘This Year’.


My husband talked me into cutting his hair and he thinks I did an amazing job.

Apparently it hasn’t occurred to him to take a look at the back.


Apparently I pack an apple in my 5 year old’s lunch so it can get out of the house for a few hours.


20s: he is smart, funny, and hot, he’s my soulmate.

30s: he loves kids and dogs, he’s my soulmate.

40s: we have the same third favourite colour, he’s my soulmate.