Local book store has a shop #cat with a lot of personality…

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I broke up with a woman once, she was beautiful but dumb, I kicked her to the curb because she couldn’t tell the difference between my bedroom door and the neighbor’s bedroom door.


Millennials urban dictionary everything… I come from a time when the thesaurus roamed the earth.


My car lease is up and I have to return it back to the dealer today, so I’m practicing jumping out of a moving car.


Girlfriend: Are you crying?

Me: It’s a wedding episode…

Gf: But you don’t even like this show

Me: Yeah but at first the wedding was cancelled…but they pulled it together…because of love 😭


[first day of school]

LILY: My mommy named me Lily because she loves lilies.

LUNA: My mommy named me Luna because she loves the moon.

BRANDY and METHANY: We hate this game.


Adults: Why are you teenagers so depressed and angry?

Teenagers: Well you see, you’re leaving us with a completely unlivable planet, the Amazon and the whole world is on fire, the climate crisis looms over our lives, we’re overworked and–



Me: Please?
Daycare worker: No.
DW: For the last time, you’re not allowed to come in to just look at the babies.


Please stop inviting me to bars where I have to stand up the whole time I’m not a dairy cow


Doctor: “The CAT scan results are in and they have confirmed my suspicions.”
Me: “Okay, I’m ready.”
Doctor: “You’re not a cat.”


The atoms that make up your body are ancient things, recycled over millions of years. You are made of stars, and also dead raccoons.