Marriage, when you drink as much as possible before your husband gets home so you can just drink 1 glass of wine in front of him.

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I let a Jehovahs Witness in my home, I sat him down and said, ‘what do you have to tell me?’ he said, ‘I don’t know, never made it this far’


I love arguing with you so much, I’ll bring a Ouija board to your funeral.


“I can’t believe we’re selling this house. So many memories. Man, if walls could talk…”
WALL: “I saw you vacuum up your kid’s hamster.”


Sex therapist: Try swapping positions tonight
Me: ok

Her: Wanna have sex?
Me: No thanks


Tilda Swinton is the last person on Earth, having solely survived the apocalypse. A tumbleweed rolls by. She picks it up and eats it. ‘Delicious,’ she says, as she gets down on all fours then gallops into the night.


This post-pregnant lady found the perfect way to shed her baby-belly by giving birth! Scientists and non-pregnant ladies HATE her!!!


PHYSICAL THERAPIST: I want you to work out with a resistance band

ME: Ok

[later at gym]

ME: *works out to Rage Against the Machine*


My dog sure barks a lot for someone who needs a pep talk during thunderstorms