Me: Anything you can do I can do better, I CAN DO ANYTHING BETTER THAN YOU!

Mom: Why are you yelling at the dog?

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Guy: who was that?

Me: it was an automated call reminding me to vote

Guy: uh huh. How’d he get your number?


I’d like to think I have a decent eye for fashion and my wife is like “OMG REMEMBER WHEN THAT HOBO PUT MONEY IN YOUR COFFEE LOL?”


To avoid the risk of dangerous paradoxes I use my time machine only to skip, rewind & pause my TV shows; also saving $10/mo on renting a DVR


I’m pretty big on body art
*pulls up sleeve to reveal tattoo of a hoof with “Hoof-arted” written underneath*


[at the gym]

Trainer: You want me to spot you, bro?

Waldo: Please don’t do that.


Son: Why are we doing this?

Mom: Because it’s a traditional teenage event you kids still deserve to have

Daughter: Well I’m mortified

Dad: *From the turntables* Whassup Mortified, I’m DJ Dad and welcome to HOME SCHOOL PROM!


I saw a sign that said “bridge subject to icing” and I thought “that sounds delicious”


I bought silk pyjamas to go with our new silk sheets. I jumped into bed and woke up in my neighbour’s flower bed


My favorite self defense technique is to not let someone draw me into a fight.