Me: This “Fear the Walking Dead” show is really creepy.
Wife: This is the Video Music Awards.

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The worst part of seeing a spider in the shower was the way it covered it’s eyes when it saw me.


[reading of my will]

My son: his shoes!?

Lawyer: he instructs me to say you are his sole heir I’m so sorry


God *up on a chair, shrieking*: GET IT GET IT

Mrs God: You know they’re more afraid of you than you are of them *gently sweeps man outside*


*stares at bottel of sleepin pills* when wil they wakE UP


Realtor: I’m sorry but you need to drop your asking price.

Aquaman: absolutely not, it’s oceanfront property.

Realtor: again it’s ocean bottom NOT oceanfront.

Aquaman: but-

Realtor: come on man, four people drowned at the open house.


I’m gonna buy some cheese and put it behind glass with a sign that reads “In queso emergency, break glass”


Romeo: …arise fair sun, and kill the envious moon
*Romeo slides an envelope of money over*
Romeo: *whispers* make it look like an accident


Me: Remember how you said childbirth felt like the worst pain I could think of, multiplied by a hundred?

Wife: Yes

Me: My mom gave away a hundred of my Pokémon cards


Me: *crying* I get it now, babe


Got kicked out of church again for laughing every time they say b-holed.