Me: *travels back to 1980*
Me: *watches my parents bring me home after birth, tears up*
Me: *watches mom trip and drop me on my head*
Me: That actually explains a lot.

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You’re one day closer to death AND you get free cake? What’s not to like about birthdays?


I’m not one to give parenting advice, but kids are a lot less likely to fight you on eating dinner if you don’t give them lunch or breakfast


One of the most effective forms of birth control is assembling furniture together as a couple.


Can everyone please stop tweeting the clapping emoji it’s making all my lights turn on and off


Helping a few people complete their bucket list so they will just die already.


Say “Literally” and “Legit” a few more times in that sentence so I know it’s literally legit


They say the cheetah is the fastest land animal, but nobody has ever clocked a parent whose child called for a plunger from within the bathroom.


If I owned a bar, the only food I’d serve would be warm buns and it would have a dance floor. I would name it Abundance.

I am so sorry.


This could be the beginning of a beautiful restraining order.