Me: Well…my zipper broke.
HR: You still have to wear pants.
Me: *in my underwear*
Honestly I don’t see what the issue is.
*crosses legs*

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My wife said that my 5 year old gets really hyper because of the sugar he has at breakfast so I think I’ll stop putting it in his coffee.


Goldilocks: [on Xanax] you know what? these are all fine


Her: I’m a chiropractor
Me: *under breath* whoa I thought they were extinct


She said: “I want to have your children.”
Me: “They’ll be on the first bus in the morning.”


17 year-old Malia Obama playing beer pong is the most outrageous thing the child of a president has done since George W. Bush invaded Iraq


Since the summer Olympics got postponed a year, that means I still have time to master ribbon gymnastics.


Just stood on my porch and screamed “STOP IT!” at the top of my lungs and two doors over someone yelled back “K”.


ME: I would like a complaint form

ASSISTANT: Sorry, we have none left

ME: I would like two complaint forms


I miss James Gandolfini. Not least because his last name means “small wizard”.