Michelle Obama should have dropped the mic and moonwalked out.

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My hairdresser told me that his marriage is crumbling. So, here’s my business idea: A hair salon where they don’t tell me shit like that.


Quick new parent question at what age do you let your new baby start sleeping indoors?


I want this Valentines Day to be special. Just give me a hint. Tell me what will make you happy. I’ll do anything.

*me, talking to my dogs


I can’t be certain, but pretty sure I just heard the dishwasher scream “please no more” when I walked in to the kitchen.


I’m not your typical teenage girl. I’m 35 years old.


If video games have taught me anything, it’s that you’ll automatically get promoted if you kill your boss


Heard rumors that a coworker slept her way to a promotion. Damn, if the bosses only saw how much I sleep at my desk I’d own this place.


I have 3 kids and often wonder what their future holds.

10: will be a teacher

5: a doctor

3: a dictator – just not sure which country she will take over yet. So many choices, but I’m thinking Canada because they are so polite and she is scary AF.