Movie Exec: Give me 3 realistic ideas or you’re fired

Me: A rat becomes a chef

Movie Exec: ok

Me: A dog plays basketball

Movie Exec: Good

Me: A main character has a bottom row locker at school

Movie Exec: Get out

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If I could have dinner with anyone, dead and alive, it would definitely be Schrodinger’s cat.


DAD: Hugh, please. It’s a perfectly fine name. Stop complaining.
HUGH J’DISAPPOINTMENT: It’s not my first name I’m upset about.


My mom’s favorite part of Mother’s Day is describing my birth in detail to an 18 year old waitress who is just there to get our drink order.


If a gym has 75 treadmills, 1 is being used, what do you do?

You go home because it’s your favorite one being used

Math is easy


Obamacare? More like “Obama? I don’t care for that guy!!!” Honk if you want poor people to die


If you eat french fries and then drink a milkshake, every time you burp it will taste like a donut. Please continue following me on the twitter dot com for more life inspiration.


“Pay attention, 007; this might look like an ordinary suitcase but, if you push this button, a handle comes out and you can wheel it.”


‘I am your God, and now it is night!’ I say as I turn the fish tank light off.


why do parents get mad when u sleep all day like im staying out of trouble and im not spending your money like what is the issue here


*spills water on pants*

ok don’t let anyone think you peed your pants

“hey what happ–”