MTV giving awards for music is the same as Fox News giving an award for unbiased journalism.

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The flight attendant has said “..and one in the rear” 3 times now and I’m Paul. I’m 12 years old.


Me: What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?

Date: ugh one guy was a total idiot

Me: Did you end it early?

Date: No I wanna finish this dessert


date: i love a guy who isn’t afraid to curse during sex


me: *yelling* avada kedavra


Me: Oh wow I love your voice
Her: Thanks!
Me: And your accent is so cool, are you from the south?
Her: Good guess!
Me: Oh yeah I love it down there, the weather, the food!
Her: Me too! It’s the best!
Me: It really is
Her: Anyway what’s your emergency
Me: I’ve been stabbed


HER: don’t embarrass me tonight
ME: how would I do that?
WAITER: just an fyi we ran out of lettuce
ME: ok, everyone romaine calm


My girlfriend asked me to stop impersonating a flamingo. I had to put my foot down.


Yeah, sex is awesome. But have you ever put clothes on straight out of the dryer?


“Well butter my biscuit”

-The Pillsbury Doughboy receiving a compliment


If by “be (your) girlfriend” you mean “catch spiders and hide them in your pockets everyday” then yes, I’ll be your girlfriend.


Tip: if you often say things like “there is no i in team but there *is* one in incompetence” they won’t ask you to mentor new coworkers.