My 6 year old has already asked me 4,327 questions this morning. I’m seriously considering getting another Vasectomy just to be safe.

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Homeschooling day 3

Lessons finished hours ago and the kids are still here, do I just put them outside and hope someone collects them or…


Me *tearing up as my bride walks down the aisle on our wedding day*



Priest: Look she might come back


Their palms are sweaters, knees sweatery, arms are sweaters. There’s more sweater on their sweater already.


I thought about getting silk sheets to seem sexy, but then I realized nobody would be turned on by me falling out of bed 6 times a night.


2017 Resolution: spend more quality time with my son

*son begins describing his 500 new Pokémon cards*

Well, there’s always next year


Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?

Just like me, they long to eat your sandwiches.