My Doberman sits on other dogs to assert dominance. I’m going to try this with my co-workers.

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Why are normal house sounds suddenly menacing when I’m alone?
Not alone: Hears creaking. It’s the wind.
Alone: Hears creaking. Yup, that’s an ax murderer.


[building on fire]

ME: If we die here I just want you to know I’ve always liked you Gary

CO-WORKER: I guess now is a good time to tell you I ate your lunch out of the fridge on Thursday

ME: I knew it [stands up] STOP THE SIMULATION


2 pacs of eminems for 50 cents? Man that’s Ludacris


“First off I want to wish my opponent the best of luck and oh god. OH GOD NO” – presidential candidate accidentally using their 3rd wish


ME: *staring into my lover’s eyes in the midst of a warm embrace*
HER: What are you thinking?
ME: *caressing her cheek* I forgot your name.


“You should’ve seen the other guy” I say as I lay in the hospital with 2 broken legs and a black eye. “He was so much better at fighting”


As Elon Musk opens a huge underground tunnel in LA, critics question his motives after a Thai football team is seen wandering into it.


interviewer: how are you with excel?

me: i hate it

interviewer: an experienced user then