My friend and I have a pact that if we’re not married by age 40, we’re going to fist bump and take shots for making good decisions

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For a dude who just shot a man in the head, the guy from Bohemian Rhapsody seems quite sanctimonious about getting spit on.


*lies down on waxing table

Aesthetician(on phone): Cancel all my appts, check the moon phase and bring me a gun loaded with silver bullets.


[My funeral]

Priest: Ashes to ashes dust to dust

*my casket is lowered into the McDonald’s ball pit*

Employee: *confused* Ronald really okayed this?


I would organize my thoughts but I’m afraid they would form a union and demand benefits.


ME: No idea why I can’t sleep right now


ME: [avoiding eye contact] No idea at all


What an adorable idea. My coworkers have been writing names on food in the office fridge. I am currently eating a yogurt called Debbie.


Nice Confederate flag bro, way to commemorate coming in second place in a civil war.


me: Baby shark doo doo doo doo doo doo baby shark doo doo doo doo doo baby shark! Mommy shark doo doo-

Other people on life raft: please stop


A really effective car insurance ad would just show pics of Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes and say: Because these girls have licenses.