My grandmother reads obituary column in the newspaper everyday. It is pretty much like searching for your childhood friends on Facebook.

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Advice from a gas station attendant in Tennessee to avoid Coronavirus: “take a shot of Wild Turkey 101 before bed. It kills everything.”


Your “COEXIST” sticker inspired me to slip a Madagascar hissing cockroach through your car window at the mall. Peace.


Hell hath no fury like an old lady scolding you for going in the wrong direction down a one-way aisle at the grocery store.


ME: Haha…this one’s face!
WIFE: Tha-
M [bangs on glass]
W: Stop it
M [pulls funny face]
W [elbows me aside] So sorry, 2 tickets pls


If reading bedtime stories to my son has taught me anything, it’s that mice lead much fuller, exciting lives than I do.


Just saw 666 on a license plate and, in case you guys were wondering, Satan drives a Jeep.


is your name melissa?
are you married?
“to you sadly”
yes or no please
do you like the lie detector I bought for your birthday?


My father put a lot of pressure on me as a child. He used to say stuff like “You’re five years old? When I was your age I was six!”


I like to do laundry in stages. For example, right now I’m in denial that I should be doing laundry.


[emailing eHarmony match]
Her: describe yourself
Me: brown hair, kinda stalky
Her: lol you mean stocky
Me [through her bedroom window]: No