My husband fears a meat shortage and had $400 worth delivered. In order to fit it into the freezer, I had to eat all the ice cream. Who knew I was capable of such self-sacrifice?

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Me: I just want to be able to afford to eat sometimes

Wife: What about me and the kids?



I hate when I lose an argument and then seventeen years later I think up a witty come back.


I was doing CPR on a co-worker for 5 minutes before someone told me that’s just how she laughs


Driving isn’t about making the moves you want, it’s about preventing others from making the moves they want.


I’m sorry I need to take a break from investigating this brutal murder to have a glass of red wine in my sexy, silky, expensive matching lingerie set that I wear every day under my police uniform because I’m a lady detective, and that is what ladies do.


“Look, I’m just saying that maybe adding a little vodka might be good for business.”

-me, to these kids running this lemonade stand


I’m so confused when the TV voice before a show I’m about to watch says, “For mature audiences only.” Can I watch or not?


Cop: [knocks]

Dinosaur: can I help you?

Cop: we’ve had reports of small arms fire

[Flaming T-Rex runs past screaming]


The movie “Failure To Launch” but it’s a North Korean documentary


5: Mommy, we can eat something if we not allergic?
Me: yep
5:right now?
5:BROTHER! Mom said we can have ice cream!
Me: sonofa…