[notices a girl is cold] here take my pants

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I pan fried chicken tonight.

On another completely unrelated note: the firemen in my town are gorgeoussssss.


japanese chef: “we need a name for our sauce”
me: “what about Keithyaki? haha”
my friend Teri: “i have a much better idea”


I wonder how much time Han Solo spent just brushing Chewie’s fur and talking about their aspirations


[Watching the World Cup]
GUY *nods at the screen* Who’s your favourite player?
ME: uh…that round-headed guy is good, what’s his name again?
GUY: That’s the ball
ME: Ok


Santa Claus & his elves wouldn’t be able to wrap the gifts needed for all the children in the world quickly enough unless they had more limbs. Therefore, the logical conclusion is that they are all octopuses & the “North Pole” is actually the lost city of Atlantis. In this essay,


me: so how do i look

eye doc: terrible

me: think glasses would help

eye doc: no i can see you fine


When you take that selfie, make sure your bathroom mirror doesn’t look like a small mouse had a sex party on it the night before.


Do I hate when people answer their own questions? Yes.


I broke up with a girl once by leaving a note on the front door that simply said: “Love doesn’t live here anymore, and now, neither do you.”