Of course climate change is man-made. It’s all been meticulously orchestrated by the Titanic survivors, seeking revenge on that iceberg.

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him: the name is bond
me: oh ok that’s easy lol
him: james bond
me: [worried] is…is there more should i get a pen


marriage counsellor: so what’s the problem?

me: i don’t know

my ‘friend’: i’m tired of you trying to keep our marriage a secret


Tweezers? Razor? Oh, hell no! By the time this is over, I’m going to need new shears and a lawn mower.


Spend hours getting screaming baby to sleep.

Check on sleeping baby.

Can’t hear breathing…prod sleeping baby



All those years studying karate saved my life one night, when a man with a gun jumped out of nowhere and demanded I count to 10 in Japanese.


me: [banging head on wall]
wife: honey is something wrong


I accidentally took a woman’s multi-vitamin this morning. I have been trying to get dressed now for 2 hours but everything makes me look fat


what everyone’s tl looks like now that we can retweet ourselves


old lady: that’s not necessary

me: [installing twitter on her phone] look lady i carried your bags, the least u can do is follow me online