Oscar nominations are out. Let’s experience actual emotion about multimillionaires giving each other gold

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For a petite woman my wife snores like a downshifting Mack truck.


Was invited into a group DM called procrastinators, it’s been two weeks I’m still waiting to be added….
*my kind of people


Ninety percent of the body’s serotonin is made in the gut so this beer belly is more like my emotional support dog.


[elevator doors r closing, i see a woman running to get on. i push the close door button because i gotta be on time for an interview. i get there exactly at 2 and sit down. a few min later the interviewer walks in. it’s the woman from the elevator]

her: *glares*

me: you’re late


What’s that girl? Timmy’s in the old well?
L: Arf arf
He’s dead? You sure?
L: Arf!
Okay here’s a check for $5K
L: ima need cash


[at airport]

TSA: sir, you’ve been randomly chosen for a cavity search.

ME: that’s cool i didn’t know my flight included a dental cleaning


Why do football players only dance when good shit happens? Just once I wanna see a QB throw an interception & do a sad, interpretive dance.


The only thing worse than discovering that celery is an aphrodisiac, is knowing that people who eat celery may actually have sex.