If a cougar left her teeth next to my bed in a glass of water was that a tip? Do I have to change the water? Do I feed them like goldfish?


Moms, teach your sons to mind their manners, cook a decent meal & look for inner beauty.nnDads, teach your daughters how to throw a punch.


Sometimes I like to lie on the kitchen floor and pretend I’m a crumb.


Life was simpler when photo albums were books containing pleasant family snaps and not digital online librarys of me puking in a shoe.


Report – Sharks have difficulty finding work 51 weeks every year.


I should really stop getting stoned before I shower. I think I just washed my hair 16 times.


This no more tears shampoo sucks. I’ve been feeding it to my friends kid and he’s still crying. nnnnMust be doing something wrong.