please don’t puke please don’t puke please don’t puke please don’t puke please don’t puke please don’t puke

-hearing my dog about to puke

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The baby in the car next to me is either unable to control his arms or hes throwing me gang signs. Im not taking any chances.

*locks doors*


I took 1000 photos of water vapor & uploaded them to the Cloud. Now we wait.


Wife: Why is the dog limping?

Me: *uncomfortable pause*

Wife: Well?

Me: Uncomfortable paws?


“Sir, even if you ARE, as you say, the REAL Slim Shady- the captain has asked for all passengers to remain seated at this time”


GOD: for this to work, I need them to feel love
CUPID: how about I shoot them through the heart with an arrow?
GOD: ur starting to worry me


Just injected myself with bleach and as far as I can tell nothing is hapxczfdszg vhrwxx
$&8766bfdgjkklk vbczzsawq


Keep your friends close & your enemies, in your trunk. Unless you’re crossing a border. Then don’t do that.


What am I doing with the rest of my life?

I don’t even know what I’m doing with the rest of this tweet…


CW: My wedding is going to be expensive!

Me: Wait till you see what the divorce is going to cost you!


Lionel Richie: I’m easy like Sunday morning

Sunday morning: wow I’m right here