Pretty sure the guy who named them “walkie talkies” got fired before he could name other military equipment.

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Me: Just so you know, I’m DTF right now.
Wife: I don’t know what “DTF” means.
Me: Take a guess.
Wife: (pause) Definitely Too Fat?





C: This beer tastes like piss

[further down the bar]

BEAR GRYLLS: I’ll have what he’s having


Advantage of seeing a goose: you just saw something interesting my friend.

Disadvantage: next goose experience less meaningful


Farmer Dad: Having a good party son?

Farmer Son: No. The music sucks.

FD: Well then-

FS: Don’t.

FD: Lettuce turnip the beet.


[Day after Xmas]
7am: I am detoxing today, only fruit and liquids for me
9am: There are worse things than eating 14 cookies for breakfast


Woke up thinking I’d look good in yellow.
Nope, looks like I was eaten by a shredded wheat box.


[twirling my bra above my head like a helicopter and it gets stuck on the ceiling fan, im launched thru window into neighbors yard]
me: hey


I stopped writing poetry when I realized their only value was to threaten to read them to people if they didn’t do what I wanted.


Just overheard the phrase, “pregnant with a baby,” and secretly wondered what the other options were.


Maybe mama duck isn’t leading her babies, maybe she’s trying to outrun them.