*rides in on giant turtle*

Me:Sorry I’m late.

Boss:You rode that to work?

Me:No, went to the zoo.

*phone rings*

Me:That’ll be the zoo.

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I ran without my headphones today & was reminded that I feel better about my fitness when my soundtrack isn’t my panicked gasping breathing.


Exercise workout videos always have the person smiling. I would rather have a video where the lead person is complain cussing the whole time and saying things like Why are we doing this? This is horrible.


[please enter a password]
[password must contain at least one capital]


If Ben Affleck played Daredevil and Batman does that mean that he’s blind as a bat?


NURSE: *bursts in* Dr., come quick!
DR DOG: CHRIST, JULIE! Don’t you knock?!?
*hides magazine of sexy Labradoodles being sprayed with hoses*


All that money and sleep was super annoying anyway.

-lies parents tell themselves


[at family gathering]
Me: *shoving jumbo shrimp in my mouth*
Mom: Where are your manners?
Me: *points over at sister* She has them.


At what age is it acceptable to completely let yourself go physically? Please say 44


Nice Confederate flag bro, way to commemorate coming in second place in a civil war.