*scrolls ur TL*
*finds ur tweet from 2 yrs ago.*
*eerily similar to mine from day before*

“She stole my tweet AND built a time machine?!”

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Most annoying times to be attacked by bees

3. Seconds after selling your beekeeper’s suit
2. A day before you’re due to set a record for the longest anyone’s gone without being stung by a bee
1. During a battle to the death with your arch-nemesis who’s wearing a beekeeper’s suit


Meanwhile, at School:
Teacher- “How much is a gram?”
Laure- “Depends on what you want”
Teacher- “Out, just get out”


[first day as a bartender]
Customer: can I buy these ladies drinks?
Me: sure *takes ladies drinks and sets them down in front of him* that’ll be $18.50


My kid found a Disney movie marathon on tv and I found Captain Morgan in the freezer. Life is about balance.


Email from the PTA tells me if I don’t join, I “will not be allowed inside the school to assist with the children’s class parties” & it’s like whoa whoa whoa threaten me harder.


I’ve been sucking on this Jolly Rancher for an hour. He was just a rancher when I started.


reminder: dont bring up serious subjects at the dinner table, some times its just not worth it


Can’t afford Sea World, so I took my kid to a fish market.
Me: ‘Shhh, they’re asleep’
‘Mom, they’re breaded’
Me: ‘That’s their blankie’


Wife: Let’s get my mom a special gift; one that will make her lose her mind!

Me: How about a guillotine?


Me: I’ll be on the couch.


My favorite German children’s story is that one where some unspeakably terrifying thing happens to teach a minor lesson.