[sees a baby spit up after drinking from baby bottle]
“lmao yo who invited the lightweight”

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I can’t wait for my grandma to ask me repeatedly why I don’t have a boyfriend “because I’m such a pretty girl”.

I’m a psycho, grandma.


Next time someone asks you how you slept,
close your eyes & say “like this” & just stay that way for like 8 hours!!!


I just want to rub all over you……..

……..with the front end of my car.


kale is so versatile, it can literally fit into any trash can


Let’s go to church and wink at each other whenever one of our sins gets mentioned.


[Having a problem with my iPhone]
Me: *texting myself* Test
Me: *replies* I have a girlfriend


waiter: would you like anything else ma’am?

me: yes please, a box for the leftovers that I will most definitely leave here on the table.


jokes don’t kill people, people who don’t get jokes kill people.


Wife: who are all these children?

Me: *shrugs* you said pick up the kids

Wife: I meant our kids

Me: yeah, that makes more sense