So, nothing rhymes with orange, huh?

*changes name to MC Orange, wins every rap battle, and retires undefeated*

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A large group of other people’s children is called a “Nope”.


The years 2045. 90s kids are old &wrinkly. Grandma tosses seeds to pigeons “Go insane go insane throw sum glitter make it rain” she whispers


Does grape jelly go bad or do I just have wine jelly now?


If you think I can be won over by a large Toblerone, then you, my friend, are correct.


billionaire: we’re all in this together

everyone: you lost money too?

billionaire: haha no i am somehow richer


“Ducklings are baby ducks,” I say as I set the appetizer on the table. “Enjoy your dumplings, Ma’am.”


Ancient people: turned grapes into wine, agave into tequila, and sugar cane into rum.
Modern people: turn soy, rice, or almonds into milk.