Statistics show that married men live a lot longer than single men. However married men are a lot more willing to die.

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(Me giving a Rorschach test) What do you see?
Patient: A house and
Me: Wrong it’s Batman. Ok this one?
Patient: I se
Me: Nope. Batman again.


The day we decided such footwear would be called “flip-flops” was not our most creative moment.


Saw a guy this morning covered from head to toe in camouflage and sporting a fluorescent safety jacket…

You can’t have it both ways mate


Why “Trojan” condoms? Didn’t the Trojan horse burst open & thousands of little guys poured out? Less than stellar marketing.


no my tattoos do not have any meaning i am simply a child putting permanent stickers all over myself<3 stop asking pls


Customer: I can’t see. How many sugar and fiber are in this bar?

Me: 7 sugar 5 fiber

C: That’s not very healthy… Just the smokes then.


When people fall with their iPhone 6 in pocket and hear a crack sound:
“Please let it be my leg, Lord.”


2020; January, February, Quarantine, December.


Coolest jobs:
1)Beer maker
2)Secretary of War
4)Guy who pushes scared skydivers