Stranger: “Excuse me where is the nearest…”


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Professor X: what’s your super power?

Me: hindsight

Professor X: that’s not going to help us

Me: yes I see that now


Dr: You understand, after this you can’t father children anymore.

Me: Got it.


Wife: Can you just handle the kids for a moment while I-

Me : Nope. You heard the doctor.


Year 2696.
Archeologists 1: *looking at cursive written on an ancient wall* Come here, I’ve made a discovery. What does it say?
Archeologist 2: If my translation is correct it says, “For a good time, call your mom.”


I just got kicked out of a flat earth Facebook group because I asked if the 6 foot social distancing guideline had pushed anyone over the edge yet.


*first date*

Me: *don’t be weird don’t be weird don’t be weird*

“OHMYGOD I have an app that can show us what our kids will look like.”


im about to go on a date. im sure it will be perfectly normal and wont go viral or anything…


PHARAOH: we shall build religious monuments. they will baffle future science.

SUBJECT: should we leave them a note to explain how we did it?

PHARAOH: yes, take this down


PHARAOH: cat, dog, snake, bird, cat, man with the head of a cat, dog, cat, bird


LOL, Investigation Discovery, for assuming your victim was murdered at night just because she’s wearing pajamas.